John Peter Davis Writing Biography

John first logged onto the internet at home Christmas 1996 and at that moment many
destinies significantly changed.

When you read the title poem in "Love's Wall" you will see his approach to life - always
running at it full steam. No other way is acceptable. That is what he did with the internet.

He took pieces of people that he met on the internet from around the world and created “Mr.
Baggins," his first romantic short story.

It took seven years before he wrote it down. He had always said that he wanted to be a writer.
That day it became a reality.

He then wrote several more short stories based on internet romance. Their popularity was
pointing him towards become a romance short story author.

Then in July 2007 something happened. John wrote a poem.

It came from intense emotions within him brought on by the circumstances of the day. He
needed to diffuse these feeling somewhere and they channeled into the poem "If Only."

He had never written a poem before nor ever thought to write one. The next few months
brought more of those intense moments and his emotions would pour into his keyboard.

John’s first book "Love's Wall" was complied early 2008. It contains a number of romantic
themes all based from this time period.

A book of short stories is in the works leading off, of course, with Mr. Baggins.

The internet is a curious blend of fact and fiction. Where one ends and the other begins is
sometimes impossible to detect as is seen in John Peter Davis’s writings.

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John's motto is "Love - find it - just a click away."

John lived it and found everlasting happiness!!!
The happy ending to the story???
Not yet!!!

It's just the beginning
to THE adventure of a lifetime...

Pamper yourself with the books,
And run at Love's Wall if you dare,
"Full steam... There is no other way..."

You won't regret it - I give you my word!!!