Love's Wall Customer Review (from 5.0 out of 5 stars

"Love's Wall is one of the best poetry books that I have read. The poems relate to everyday life and love. The
poetry takes you to a time and place where you have felt the exact same emotions. John Peter Davis has a way of
capturing your attention and grabbing your heart. The simplistic yet sincere approach will hold you captive from
start to finish. The book makes an excellent lasting present to anyone who has ever experienced love. Only being
able to give this book a five star seems insufficient. I anxiously await another book from this excellent author.
Truly a must have!"

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LOVE'S WALL - John's poetry bares his soul and touches reality in simple terms. It draws out your
memories and stirs up your own fantasies, tying it together with your life and dreams. The book contains
romance and relationship poems with themes such as Internet Dating, Whimsical & It Happened for a Reason.
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Aug 9, 2015

About 6 years ago I was "adopted" by a new wife and family.

Raising preteens/teens is very labor and time intensive, and so my
writing and this website were quickly set aside to help raise a new

It is now time to dream again and this time with my wife Donna.

Stay tuned, and please come back often to see the progress.

There will be a learning curve again, but hey, I have gotten this far

John Peter Davis